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How Do You Cleanse Your House with Sage?

How Do You Cleanse Your House with Sage?

Moving into a new home? Starting a project? Had a heated argument? Spring cleaning?

All of these situations call for cleansing your space of negative energies, and inviting positive vibes around you.

Smudging, or burning medicinal plants to spiritually cleanse and purify, and dispel negative energy, is a respected ancient practice. Native Americans and Celtic Druids have been burning sage, and the Indigenous people of the Amazon have been burning Palo Santo or “holy wood” for centuries.

But, there’s science behind this spiritual cleansing too —when burned, the smoke from sage releases ions that have shown to transform the composition of air, purifying it, and uplifting the mood at the same time.

Burning sage can be a powerful self-care practice, and regular ritual for cleansing your space.

So, how do you cleanse your house with sage to reap these amazing benefits?

In this post, we’ll look at why burn sage in your home, how to cleanse your house with sage, and when to do it.

Why Burn Sage in Your Home?

Burning sage is a powerful ritual. There are many reasons to burn sage in your home:

  • Cleanse your space of negative vibrations and energy
  • Release stagnant, heavy energy
  • Promote clarity and focus
  • Purify the air
  • Enhance body, mind and spiritual healing

No matter what your reason is for burning sage, intention is everything. So, before you light up a sage stick, ask yourself what you’re trying to cleanse, purify, release or heal and perform the practice with that intention in mind.

When is the Best Time to Sage Your House?

There is no best time to sage. You should ideally sage whenever you feel you need to.

Some people however recommend that a great time to smudge is during a full moon or new moon to harness the power of the Earth, let go of things you don’t want in your life, and welcome what you want to invite.

Here are some reasons and situations where you might want to sage:

  • Moving into a new home or office
  • Spring cleaning your home
  • Energetically cleansing high traffic spaces
  • Shift your energy after a rough day
  • After a major life event (divorce, death, marriage)
  • Feeling stressed, or weighed down
  • Feeling low
  • To feel calm and protected
  • After a conflict or angry outburst
  • Before starting a project
  • During meditation and visualization

Have a reason to sage? Let’s begin.

How Do You Cleanse Your House with Sage?

Follow the steps below to cleanse your house with sage.

What you need:

  • a sage stick
  • a heatproof dish (ceramic or glass bowl, abalone seashell)
  • matches or lighter
  • feather for fanning the smoke (optional)

1. Open the Windows

Windows and doors act as portals for energy to flow in and out. So, it is important to keep the windows open as you cleanse with sage to allow the smoke to escape, and take all the negative energy in your home with it.

2. Set Your Intention

Before you start any cleansing or healing ritual, it is important to be very clear of the outcome you want to achieve. Once you set your intention, you want to keep it in mind at all times, as you smudge your home.

You can also say a smudging prayer or mantra, or even something as simple as: 

I want my home to be filled with love, blessings, joy and abundance.

3. Light the Sage Stick

With the windows open and your intention in mind, it’s time to light up your sage stick. Hold the stick over a heatproof bowl at a 45-degree angle and light it using a candle or a lighter. Some even prefer to hold the stick upside-down, right on top of the flame, as they say it lights easier that way. Allow it to burn for 20-30 seconds and gently blow out the flame.

4. Start from the Farthest End

Start at the area of your home that is farthest from the entryway. Move through the house as you waft the smoke around with a feather, or your hands, keeping your intention in mind. Direct the smoke towards open windows, so the negative energy can exit your space. Some people like to start the cleansing process by smudging their own bodies, to cleanse their own energy, and prepare for the ceremony.

5. Take Your Time

As with any cleansing ritual, take your time. To smudge your home properly it should take about 20-40 minutes, depending on the size of your home.  Make sure not to miss high traffic areas such as your kitchen and living room, or areas where people go in and out or energy can stagnate, such as hallways, doorways and corners.

6. Pay Attention to Objects

Pay special attention to objects that are being used a lot in your home. Since humans and objects both carry and hold energy, it's important to smudge objects to release stored energy as well.

7. Coming to a Close

Once you’ve moved through your home, to close the ritual, move to the front door and sage it from the inside to the outside. Make sure to extinguish your sage stick by gently pressing it into your heatproof bowl. At the end of the smudging practice some people also like to clap their hands as they move around the house to disperse any lingering negative energy.

8. Finish with Palo Santo

Now that you’ve cleared away negative energy and created a “pure’ space, it’s primed and ready to infuse with your own positive intentions and vibrations. We find that burning incense — or our favoritePalo Santo wood is excellent for this. 

The cleansing and purifying properties of sage, combined with the uplifting properties of Palo Santo make an incredible duo!

Palo Santo Wood Sticks 

Palo Santo Incense Sticks


If you followed this step-by-step process to energetically cleanse your home — congratulations on re-energizing your space and yourself!

Like most people, you’ll most likely feel the energy in your house is lighter, and that your home smells great!

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