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Our Story

When you hear the word Zen, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Yoga classes that you don't have the time for?

A holistic retreat that you don't have the money for?

Unrealistic trends that don't match your lifestyle?

What about self care?

Zen is something accessible to anyone; no matter their age, gender, financial status, or lifestyle.

It's a state of mind, a flow, a balance of exertion and reflection.

This is why Lots of Zen was created; easy solutions for roadblocks we had experienced when trying to integrate Zen into our daily lives.Β  Our mission is to make mindfulness accessible to everyone- moments during your day that you can look forward to experiencing.

Fatigue, restlessness, anxiety, poor sleep, depression, brain fog.. simply put, an overall poor quality of life.

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like you, you are surely not alone.Β  Today's lifestyle revolves around.. well, constantly running around.Β  It's always what's next, where next, and what did you forget.

Our founders were tired of living with the symptoms of burnout.

It was time for change.

That's where the practice of Zen comes into play.Β 

You don't have to be at an expensive resort, on a fad juice cleanse, or attend endless yoga classes to experience the benefits of self care.

Taking a few moments to yourself has been proven to reduce stress, reinvigorate awareness, spark creativity, increase longevity, and maybe to your surprise, propel productivity.Β  Yes, taking a break from work can actually help you accomplish more.

So, we have created products that can be used anywhere.Β  At home, at the office, or even on the go.Β  We want to make Zen accessible anywhere and everywhere.

With our modern, eco-friendly designs, you can easily add a little Zen to your daily lifestyle.

Anyone can benefit from the healing properties of our products.


How we got our start?

"Where the mind goes, the body will follow."

- A. Schwarzenegger

In a fast-paced society; there is a never ending list of things demanding our attention.

We have felt it ourselves.Β  Burnout.Β  Mentally and Physically depleted.

There had to be a better way.

Lots Of Zen was created out of necessity.Β  Necessity to slow down, heal, and crsate a healthier balance of rest vs. exertion.

A healthier mind.

A healthier body.

A happier you.

What makes our product unique?





Designed to help you Rise.

We wanted to created realistic tools that could easily fit into your daily routine.

These tools would be environmentally conscious, with intentional design.

They were designed to fit into your life; not the other way around.

Most meditative designs we tried out prior to creating Lots of Zen were quite the opposite.

These were clunky, medical looking, contraptions that required too much time to set up.Β  They didn't feel natural.

Why we love what we do?

Once we experienced the difference that Lots of Zen brought into our own lives, of course we wanted to share.

We love our products because we have experienced them.

Burnout isn't normal and we believe that everyone deserves the benefits of meditation.

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