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Top 12 Crystals for Confidence, Self-Worth and Inner Power (and 5 Ways to Use Them)

Top 12 Crystals for Confidence, Self-Worth and Inner Power (and 5 Ways to Use Them)

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right."

- Henry Ford

How confident you feel in your own two shoes as you go through life matters.

Frankly, it's hard to go through life without truly believing in yourself. If you lack confidence it's going to affect everything from your relationships and your career to your personal self-worth and your ability to succeed at what you do or want to do in life.

Not having self-confidence can be attributed to many things including fear, low self-esteem, rejection anxiety, self-doubt, and even past issues and traumas that have left deep wounds in your psyche.

In this post, we'll discover how crystals can help to restore your optimism, renew your self-worth and ignite your inner power, naturally helping to boost your confidence:

Table of Contents

What is Confidence?

You may think that someone who dresses well, speaks well, and acts well, radiates confidence.   No matter how well you dress or act, or frankly how successful you are in life, does not necessarily mean you have a high sense of self-worth or self-confidence.

Remember, true confidence comes from within you. So, if you're insecure within yourself, how you look or behave outwardly does not really matter.

Self-confidence is believing in yourself and staying true to who you are. It's not getting rattled when people put you down and having the courage to get back up when life seems to have been unfair.   

And frankly, that takes work. However, feelings of low confidence and self-worth can also mean that something is not rightly aligned in your energy field — holistically speaking, you may have blocks in energy, that can manifest as a lack of self-confidence.

Confidence and the Chakras

"Your energy introduces you before you even speak."

In holistic healing, the body is made up of 7 main chakras, wheels of energy that are aligned along our body's major meridian or energy field. Chakras are a powerful tool to detect what is going on inside ourselves. Imbalances can show up as physical ailments or emotional issues and can often signal that something is not quite right.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The third, or solar plexus chakra, is believed to be linked to confidence. When the solar plexus chakra is balanced you'll feel confident, energetic, with the drive to get ahead.

When blocked, imbalances can manifest as feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, demotivation, fatigue, and a lack of optimism and self-confidence.

The color that represents the solar plexus chakra is yellow and it resonates with yellowish and golden-colored crystals such as citrine, golden beryl and tiger eye.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is another chakra that can get unbalanced, especially after facing life situations that can put us down. Although some people can bounce back, for some, setbacks in life can leave deep wounds that can harm the functioning of the sacral chakra.

Blocks in the sacral chakra, or second chakra, can manifest as lack of motivation, poor self-worth, self-doubt, and low energy levels. When your sacral chakra is balanced, you'll feel emotionally secure, inspired and comfortable with who you are.

The color that represents the sacral chakra is orange and it resonates with orange-colored crystals such as carnelian, sunstone and orange calcite.  

Imbalances in either or both your sacral and solar plexus chakras will mean that your self-confidence is at an all-time low. Rebalancing your chakras with specific crystals for confidence can help remove blockages, make sure you are operating at your full potential, and significantly increase your sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

Why Use Crystals for Confidence

There are many different methods that will teach you to build confidence. Everything from self-help books and therapy to personal mastery workshops and journaling.

While it is important to use different modalities to boost your confidence, crystals are amazing healing tools that can be used alone or alongside other methods to support you on your path to building confidence and self-esteem.

Wearing, carrying, or meditating with a confidence crystal is an excellent way of keeping the positive vibrations of the crystal close to your aura, so it is helping you at all times.

Crystals like everything else, are energy. Each crystal beats with its own unique vibration. So when you carry or wear crystals with positive, energetic, motivating vibrations, these energies become a part of your own energy field and can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.

So for example, if you wear a crystal that vibrates with the energy of self-worth, these vibrations can help to reinforce feelings of worthiness within you, which means you'll start to value yourself more, and in turn take better care of yourself, push yourself to reach your true potential and discover your true capabilities, which will all help to increase your levels of confidence and take you to new heights of success.

Before you start to use a crystal, it's a good idea to cleanse the crystal to release any negative energies it may harbor. Palo Santo wood sticks are an excellent way to drive away negative energies and have been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant for hundreds of years.

Try our premium Palo Santo Wood sticks. Our palo santo sticks are:

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How to Use Crystals for Confidence

Energetically connecting to your crystals for confidence can help you to feel self-empowered to do your very best and reach your true potential.

Below you'll find different ways you can use confidence crystals in your day-to-day routine to bring optimism, clarity, assurance and the self-confidence you need to pursue your goals and make your dreams a reality.

Positive Affirmations for Confidence

Positive affirmations are statements that you say over and over again every day. Affirmations actually work on your subconscious mind, helping to reprogram deep-rooted thinking patterns with new thoughts, and are actually proven to protect against stress and encourage problem-solving.

Repeating positive affirmations can be highly effective for opening blocked chakras. You can say affirmations specifically related to the solar plexus or sacral chakra to activate those chakras for healing. So for example, if you want to work on building your confidence you can say, " I believe in myself. I am strong. I am confident in everything I do."

Visualization with Crystals for Confidence

Visualization is simply using the power of your thoughts to shape your reality.

You can do this by holding a specific crystal for confidence such as a sunstone or citrine, or place a tumbled stone on your solar plexus chakra (on the abdomen, between your chest and naval).

Now visualize a warm yellow right radiating into your entire being from this crystal. Once you feel that your body is filled with this glowing light, you can repeat positive affirmations based on why you need confidence and courage.

So, for example, if you need the confidence to make a life-changing decision or you need to deal with an issue you've been avoiding you can say, "I have the courage to decide. This is what I chose to do."

Carrying Crystals for Confidence

Whether you need to feel optimistic throughout the day, need the courage to speak your mind or want to increase feelings of self-worth, carry your crystal for confidence with you daily. You can carry it in your wallet, pocket or in your purse and let its protective healing energies fill you with positive vibrations.

Every time you take the crystal in your hand, visualize it filling you with self-confidence and joy and boosting your energy.

Wearing Crystals for Confidence

Wearing your confidence crystals is a great way to have the positive healing energies of the healing stones within your own energy field.

You can choose to wear a necklace, bracelet or ring of the healing stone. Wearing confidence stones day in and day out can not only help you to increase your self-worth and confidence but slowly and surely also lead to enhancing your leadership skills, helping you to make better decisions.

Citrine is an incredible stone to wear when you want your confidence to be high, such as for an important job interview or when signing a business deal!

The vibrations of these stones can help you break barriers empowering you to rise above obstacles. They can help you to maintain positivity even in unfavorable situations.  If you feel you can't wear the stones on you all the time, carry them with you or place them at your office desk or in your home to benefit from their positive vibrations.

Meditating with Crystals for Confidence

Meditation with your crystals for confidence allows them to activate and open your chakras helping you to nurture your self-esteem and raise your self-confidence. These crystals will help you manifest the type of healing energy you need, whether it is getting through a difficult phase in your life or just wanting to feel more happiness and joy.

Follow the steps below to meditate with your crystals for confidence:

  • Once you've chosen a stone you want to meditate with, hold it in your palms or lay the stones on your solar plexus and/or sacral chakra.
  • Pay attention to your breathing and visualize a bright, warm glowing light radiating from the stone. Allow it to fill your body, mind, and senses.
  • Focus on your intention and visualize the crystal receiving your intention. This allows you to tune into the positive vibrations of the stone and the crystal can help you to magnify and manifest your intention.
  • Complete the meditation by visualizing your magnified intention coming from the crystal and going back into your body.
  • Keep breathing and slowly open your eyes.

Regular meditation with your confidence stones will help you to connect with their energies on a deeper level. These vibrations will help you to stay calm and see the bright side of things even when faced with toxic situations. They'll give you the added boost of energy you need to get through, along with a renewed sense of confidence, and will reflect in everything from what you say and think, to what actions you take.

Top Crystals for Confidence

Need to feel more motivated? Feel less nervous? Stimulate courage? Boost energy? The list of stones below can help you do all of that and more.


An excellent stone of confidence, sunstone helps to reveal your hidden talents and gives you the positive motivation needed to master a skill or talent and promote your leadership qualities. It's protective healing vibrations shield you from being affected by toxic influences so that you can maintain a cheery disposition and feel empowered even under stressful situations.

A stone of the sacral chakra, sunstone is an embodiment of the solar light and energy of the sun on Earth.  Its positive vibrations bring warmth, clarity, and openness, snapping you out of negative thinking patterns, and replacing them with motivating, energizing, uplifting energies to reinforce self-worth and inner confidence.


Probably one of the more popular stones for confidence and success, the bright, sunny, uplifting energies of citrine help to absorb negative energy in your aura so that outside influences such as someone constantly putting you down, won't hurt your confidence. This cheery golden-yellow crystal also helps to alleviate your fears and anxiety, which can dampen your confidence levels.

Known as a stone of prosperity, citrine is an amazing stone to wear or carry with you on a big day when you want your confidence to be high, such as an important job interview or when signing a business deal. It will help you to raise your self-esteem and let go of your past, so you can move forward in life with positivity, confidence, and optimism.

Tiger Eye

Mainly used as a stone of protection, tiger eye is also an amazing confidence boosting stone. Its strong protective energies will shield you from negativity so you can face daily challenges, changes, and transitions in your life with positivity.

This fiery stone will also help you to cut through barriers of self-doubt and fear, providing self-assurance and motivation, enabling you to be strong and live your life with confidence.

Golden Beryl

A stone of the solar plexus chakra, golden beryl has warming energies associated with confidence, inner power, and leadership. An excellent stone to carry with you to an important meeting or keep in your office, golden beryl has your back when people are relying on you and you don't want to let them down.

This stone is especially good to wear if you want to be a strong yet effective leader who people can depend on. It helps to you be assertive yet compassionate, develop mind and body strength, and increase your personal power.


When you don't have the courage to jump out of your comfort zone and have the confidence to get out there and do the things you need to do to reach your true potential, you need carnelian on your side. A stone of courage, motivation, and strength, carnelian helps to dispel your fears and raise your self-worth.

This reddish-orange stone helps to restore your sacral chakra, encouraging endurance, self-confidence, and mental clarity, while also helping you to stay grounded as you face life's daily challenges.

Rose Quartz

The ultimate stone of universal love, you may not automatically think of rose quartz as a stone of confidence. Since rose quartz has soothing loving energies and is associated with the heart chakra, besides attracting and giving love, it also helps to nurture self-love and acceptance, which are core qualities needed to develop self-esteem.

So, once you love and accept yourself for who you are, a higher sense of self-worth and confidence are sure to follow. Combining rose quartz with a confidence stone can work in amazing ways to bring strength, assurance and mental clarity, while also staying calm, poised and compassionate.


If you suffer from fears and phobias, moonstone is the stone for you. Wearing moonstone will help to calm your emotional fears and help you to recover from trauma, a loss or a breakup.

When you're emotionally unbalanced, moonstone can help to neutralize imbalances and is an excellent stone to carry or wear during a time of crisis, when your confidence is running low. Combined with sunstone, moonstone can provide emotional stability while sunstone injects positivity and the will to get ahead in your life.

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite, another stone of the sacral chakra, is an excellent stone for stimulating energizing and positive vibes in the body. If you're searching for the solution to a problem or want to boost your confidence and creativity, this is the stone for you.

This creamy orange stone is also very effective in helping you deal with old habits that you want to break out of and overcoming nervousness, and feelings of timidity and shyness.

Blue Chalcedony

A stone of the throat chakra, blue chalcedony is an amazing stone to wear or carry if you want to speak boldly, confidently and authoritatively.

A beautiful, pale blue stone, blue chalcedony is an excellent stone for public speakers, leaders and just about anyone who wants to be able to speak with poise in front of a crowd. It activates your throat chakra, helping you to find your voice and speak your mind, boosting your self-confidence.


Hematite is attributed to being a root chakra stone and is excellent for blocking negative energy, balancing and grounding. Why then, is it in the list for crystals for confidence?

Well, hematite has earthy energies that support practical thinking and problem-solving. By helping you to think clearly, hematite can help you to make better decisions, giving you a boost of confidence and raising your self-worth. It's an excellent stone to carry when sitting for an exam or heading into an interview when you not only need to think clearly but confidently.


A gorgeous blue-green stone, amazonite is the stone to have on you when you feel as if you can no longer go on and your confidence levels seem to be draining out.  Amazonite will help to instill a new spirit of confidence, helping you to let go of your fears and carry on with a "Yes, I can do it" attitude.

A stone of both the heart and throat chakra, amazonite brings confident communication backed by a strong sense of self-love and positivity. Use amazonite while meditating or saying positive affirmations and let the stone help you to magnify and manifest your intentions.


A powerful stone of courage, ruby has been adorned for centuries as a stone of bravery, protection, and vitality. Ruby is a fantastic stone to wear if you are constantly doubting yourself and need to be reminded that you are worthy.

A stone of integrity, devotion, and confidence, ruby can help you cultivate meaningful relationships, in a calm state of natural self-assurance and mutual respect. It carries a warm, energizing, protective vibe shielding you from negative influences and your own ego.

Key Takeaways

  • If you're insecure from the inside, how you look or behave on the outside does not really matter.
  • Self-confidence is believing in yourself even when nobody else does, and staying true to who you are.
  • Imbalances in your sacral and/or solar plexus chakra can mean that your self-confidence is at an all-time low.
  • Crystals are healing tools that impart positive vibrations which can affect your energy field physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • You can use crystals for confidence while stating positive affirmations, meditating, or carrying or wearing them as jewelry.
  • There are many different confidence-boosting stones that can help you to bring clarity and optimism, eliminate self-doubt, develop self-assurance and promote leadership speaking.

Which confidence-boosting crystals have helped you? We'd love for you to share in the comments below!

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Danielle calendar_today

I’ve tried tigers eye, rose quartz, citrine and probably something else maybe. Ive said the affirmations and done the visualizations. I’m not convinced any have helped when I needed my insecurities nurtured the most. And i don’t have all day to focus on this…that’s entirely too much mental energy also.

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