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15 Best Crystals for Protection Against Negativity, Psychic Attacks, and Emotional Turmoil

15 Best Crystals for Protection Against Negativity, Psychic Attacks, and Emotional Turmoil

"Energy is contagious, positive and negative alike. I will forever be mindful of what and who I am allowing into my space."

- Alex Elle

Are you looking to protect yourself from unwanted negativity and influences? When people look for crystals for protection they're looking to protect themselves from different types of negative energy which can come in various forms.

Stress, anger, ill wishes, anxiety, emotional turmoil, jealousy, bad fortune, and even things like spirit attachments, curses, psychic attacks, or just plain bad vibes are all things that you might want to be protected from.

There are many different crystals, each with a unique vibration, that can help protect you from a specific type of negative frequency that can affect you adversely. Crystals can help you to repel energy, block, or cloak energy or alter it so it does not harm you.

Wearing, carrying, meditating, or working with a crystal that is in tune with a particular vibration that you need protection from will help to shield you and prevent you from absorbing and getting affected by that energy.

In this post we'll discuss why you need to use protection crystals, how to use them, and explore the best 15 crystals for physical, emotional, and spiritual protection:

Table of Contents

How Protection Stones Work

Protection Stones have been used for centuries in the form of talismans and good luck charms.

While we all know that there is no magic talisman for protection, there is energy, and energy can be a very powerful thing when it comes to protection.

All crystals are nothing but energy, and each crystal radiates on its own natural frequency. This positive frequency can then be used to balance out negative energy and harnessed to attract everything from love and wealth to confidence and happiness, and

No crystal will help protect you from the bombardment of all the negative influences thrown at you each day, but it can help you deal with them. So if you feel a lot of empathy for others, you may want to use a crystal that will help you to recognize their energy and pain, but not necessarily internalize and absorb it.

Or if you're dealing with a difficult relationship, crystals won't make the stress and anger go away, but they can certainly help you to balance your own energies and emotions so you can better connect with yourself and deal with that stress.

Protection stones have vibrations that can influence your own energy field or your surroundings. You can harness these vibrations by wearing, carrying, or working with a protection stone or placing it in your home, office, or car to harmonize and re-balance energies.

Why Use Crystals for Protection

"Everybody needs protection."

Crystals for protection can help you in all areas of your life, and no matter how strong you might think you are everybody needs some kind of protection.

Protection stones can help disperse energies with negative influences and protect you from emotional harm. They can help you stay grounded, feel motivated, and attune your energy field to make you feel secure, peaceful, focused, and happy.

It's also important to realize what we need protection from. At times we may not need protection from any outside influences...but from ourselves. Our own self-sabotaging thoughts, our own emotions, and the way we show up to the world.

Using crystals for protection to take ownership of yourself can be an excellent step to first balance your own energies, which no doubt will make you stronger in resisting outside influences.

How to Use Protection Stones

Now that we've understood that everyone has a need for protection, and we can all start by recognizing our own negativities and balance them, we also need to understand that negative influences are all around us and are very much real.

We live in a world that is full of positive healing vibrations, but also harm-causing negative energies that can unfavorably affect ourselves, loved ones, our sense of safety, home, and even our career and business.

Crystal vibrations can enter our energy field and help shield us from these negative vibrations.

But before you get started with using crystals for protection, there are a few key steps you need to take.

"You can't expect a protection stone to work by simply carrying it, and not making an energetic connection with the stone." 

When using crystals for protection, or pretty much anything, believe the stone will work for you, and really connect with the stone. This comes easily to children and takes more work for adults. Just naturally being drawn to the stone is the first step to connecting with it.

After you choose your stone, the first thing you want to do before using it is to cleanse it and program it to release any built-up negative energies and enable it to release its inherent protective energies.

You can do this by burning sage or Palo Santo, placing your crystal in full moonlight, or burying it in the earth.

We recommend our premium 100% natural Incense Sticks to ward off bad energy, lull you into a deeper state of mediation, and fill your home with blessings!

Once your crystal is cleansed, you can program it with the intention you want to manifest.

Simply hold the stone in your hand or place your hands over a larger stone and think or say out loud your intention for the crystal. So, to program a crystal for protection, you can say: "I program this crystal to vibrate with protective, healing energies. I dedicate this crystal to protect my home and all in it."

Below we'll share different ways you can program and use crystals for protection, to protect yourself, your home, while traveling, and at work.

Exploring Different Types of Protection

Protection stones may be used for many different purposes. Protection for yourself from your own emotional turmoil, or from other people's stress and anger that they may unleash on you.

You may also want to use protection stones to stay balanced when everything around you seems to be in a state of chaos. Protection stones can also protect your home and surroundings and act as a buffer or shield against physical, emotional, psychic, or other energy frequencies such as EMF that can enter your energy field.

Explore the list below to see the different ways you can use protection stones.

Protection Stones for Yourself

You can cleanse, program, and wear protection crystals on your body as jewelry or carry them on you as tumbled stones. The key is to have them on you almost all the time so you can be safeguarded against anything that can harm you physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

Protection stones can help you function properly as you go about your day and also help you sleep better at nighttime.

When it comes to wearing protection stone jewelry, you can wear a bracelet, necklace, or ring with your favorite crystal for protection. Ideally, the stone should be touching and as close contact to your body as possible.

We recommend the Triple Protection Bracelet that combines three powerful protection stones:

  • Hematite: dispels negativity and “purifies” the emotional stress in the body.
  • Black Obsidian: protects anyone from negative influence while cleansing the body of negative energy.
  • Tiger’s Eye: protects from the intention of others.

Also remember, with regularly wearing or carrying your protection stones, they should also be energetically cleansed regularly so they remain clear and fully powered to best do their job.

Protection stones like black tourmaline and black obsidian are excellent for shielding you from negative energies, while blue kyanite is an amazing stone to protect against negative influences that could be draining your energy and positivity.

Protection Stones for Home

Protecting your home from negative energies and ill intentions is essential to maintain a sense of balance and harmony. The first thing you'll want to do is cleanse your stones and program them to enable them to release all of their protective energies.

You can place protection stones at the four corners of your home to protect, reduce tension and anxiety, and bring in peace and serenity. Make sure you place them in a way so they will not be accidentally removed.

You can also put protective stones in a bowl either in your home or office so even if you are not wearing the stone on you, you will still be surrounded by the energies of the protection stone.

Protection stones like black tourmaline are great for absorbing negative energy and shielding your home. Placing tourmaline right by the entrance is an excellent way to stop any excess or negative energy being carried in as someone walks through the front door.

Protection Stones for Traveling

You can wear protection stones when you travel or place them in your car. Secure a small crystal cluster to your car's dashboard, to prevent it from rolling off.

Protection crystals will help clear negative energies that bring stress, anger, and anxiety and help you to keep calm and composed and avoid road rage while driving.

Some good crystals for physical protection on the road include amethyst, obsidian, amber, or garnet.

Protection Stones for EMF

EMF or electromagnetic frequencies are known to be dangerous and even lead to diseases such as cancer. That said, there is no escaping them and they are all around us. Everything from our mobile phone to our laptop to any digital device we use emits EMF rays.

Placing a protection crystal on your work desk, next to your computer, is a great way to protect yourself and your surroundings from EMF smog. Stones like sodalite, shungite, and hematite can absorb and clear EMF pollution in your home or office. Learn more about EMF Protection.

Protection Stones for Pets

Give your pets some protective healing energies! Place protection stones on your pet's collar or under or near their sleeping area.  

Black onyx is an excellent stone for pets, especially those that stay outside. It helps to draw out negative energy and even entities, protects physical strength, and can help protect against illness.

Dalmatian Jasper is great for protecting against digestion issues.

Protection Stones for Sleep

Having trouble with bad dreams and nightmares? Placing crystals for protection under your pillow can help to dispel bad dreams and haunting nightmares, helping you sleep more restfully through the night.

A combination of amethyst and citrine, ametrine helps to protect your aura as you sleep, warding off negative thoughts that can lead to bad dreams and nightmares.

There are also many other crystals for sleep that can help you with dream recall and improving sleep quality.

Protection Stones for Psychic Attacks and Curses

Psychic energy is the spiritual energy that can come in the form of thoughts, emotions, or even visualizations.

Everyone has psychic energy. Your aura or energy field is nothing but your psychic energy and protection crystals can help shield this space from unwanted negativity or psychic attacks.

Psychic attacks are consciously or unconsciously sending negative vibes to cause harm to a person. The most common form of this energy is thoughts in the form of envy, ill intentions, jealousy, and anger.

Protection crystals can absorb, clear, or balance negativity in a way that makes these attacks do no harm. Some stones can even shield or cloak you from that energy.

Stones like tiger eye, hematite, and lapis lazuli shield and absorb psychic energies, disarming and neutralizing them.

It's also important to understand that a lot of times things like over-thinking, blame, fear, worry, and stress are all misusing your own psychic energy, and crystals for protection can also help redirect these sabotaging thoughts to a positive, beneficial energy force.

Top 15 Best Crystals for Protection

Every protection stone has its own unique color, vibration, and protective healing properties.

Now that we've discussed the different ways in which you can use crystals for protection, let's take a look at the properties of each individual protection stone and how it can help you.

1. Black Tourmaline

This is a must-have stone for protection! A powerful protective stone against negative energy, as well as an excellent stone for grounding, the vibrational frequencies of black tourmaline helps to release negativity, stress, and anxiety and bring in positivity.

Black Tourmaline does not absorb harmful energy, but rather repels or alters it into a positive vibration. It creates an energy force and shields your aura so lower energy forms and psychic attacks don't get access and simply bounce off. 

It is a great stone to use at home (placed in the four corners) or at a doorway to alter any negative influences before they enter the home.

2. Blue Kyanite

If you get easily manipulated or find yourself a victim to bullying, lying, or intimidation, blue kyanite can help to keep your head on your shoulders when people try to mess with you. 

When you're being hit by coercive energies, blue kyanite will enable you to read between the lines and recognize that you are being manipulated or brainwashed. It will help you to maintain a level head, and not worry and not get anxious. It will also help you do away with self-doubt and prevent you from constantly second-guessing yourself.

3. Spirit Quartz

Also known as cactus or fairy quartz, if you need help dealing with whatever you're afraid of spirit quartz is the stone to use. 

Now, spirit quartz will not completely eradicate your fear, however, it will help you to not get influenced by it so you can go on with your daily life. This is important because when you have learned to conquer your fear you are not giving power to the cause and letting that fear control you, or weaken your defenses to allow other negative energies to enter in. 

Spirit quartz shuts the door and helps to keep you in your own power, protecting you from negative influences that otherwise might enter in and hurt and harm you.

4. Jet

If you're highly sensitive and tend to really feel other people's energy to the point where you start to internalize those emotions and the energy starts to affect you, wearing or carrying jet on you can help. 

Jet enables you to still resonate and feel empathetic towards other people's feelings but as it absorbs more energy than it lets out, wearing jet jewelry or carrying it on you will help to pull out those negative vibes from you, so although you may empathize with someone you don't necessarily need to suffer with them. Since it does a lot of absorbing, jet needs to be cleansed regularly, sometimes daily, or it may even break in the process.

5. Labradorite

Need to be shielded against ill intentions, hurtful words, and psychic attacks? Labradorite is a powerful stone with fiery inclusions that protects against harmful energies thrown at you in the form of hate wishes, backbiting, and those envious of you. It also helps to guard against those who feed on your energy to fill a void within themselves. 

Labradorite is also a good stone to use when someone is fixated on you but you don't reciprocate the same feelings towards them. Wear labradorite to help protect the heart chakra by forming a protective shield against ill wishes and energy vampires.

6. Black Obsidian

A very powerful stone, black obsidian actually matches the same frequency as that of banishment — getting rid of something that is unwanted.

If you constantly feel like you are surrounded by negativity or want protection against curses or entities, wear this stone day and night to stay continually protected. Black obsidian can also remove any negativity caused by your own stress, fear, guilt, resentment, and anger and help to cleanse your aura from any psychic thoughts or smog created in your day to day life that may adversely affect you physically, spiritually or emotionally. 

When placed in your surroundings, black obsidian can help to absorb negative energy in that space and protect the people residing there. A deeply grounding stone, it will help to balance your energies and remove any excess or stagnant energy down to the earth. As it absorbs negative energy, black obsidian should be cleared regularly.

7. Fluorite

A highly protective stone, fluorite is known to cloak your aura from the effects of psychic attacks, curses, or even black magic. It's important to do a proper aura cleansing ritual so that the vibrational energies of fluorite can cloak you properly.

If you work on a computer all day, fluorite is a must-have stone to place on your desk to guard against EMF radiation. This beautiful stone will keep your energy in harmony and protect against negativity from outside sources, and from those around you from affecting you. Wearing fluorite can help to draw out negative energy and cleanse, dispel or balance any energy that is not in alignment with your body. Since it absorbs negative energies, fluorite should be cleansed and cleared regularly.

8. Tourmalinated Quartz

A blend of crystal quartz and tourmaline, tourmalinated quartz is a crystal that has pieces of tourmaline embedded in crystal quartz. This ultimate combination gives this stone highly protective qualities as well as the ability to amplify positive energies.

Quartz does not only help dispel negativity but it also helps to magnify the energy of tourmaline, helping to clear your auric field from negative influences. Wearing this stone shields you from harmful energies by emanating a strong protective vibration and energy field around you that protects on all levels. Wear tourmalinated quartz to stay protected, grounded, and manifest positivity and harmony in your life.

9. Smoky Quartz

An excellent stone for grounding and anchoring you to your roots, smoky quartz protects your aura and helps dispel and transmute negativity by grounding and releasing it back into the earth.

A stone of detoxification, this pale brown stone protects against anxiety and depression and helps to calm emotions by neutralizing negative frequencies. It is also an effective stone to protect against EMF smog.

Since smoky quartz absorbs a lot of negativity, it is a good stone to use to guard against negative psychic energies — those arising from within yourself or coming from others. Wear it on you to always stay protected or keep it in your surroundings. As with all stones used to remove negativity, make sure to cleanse smoky quartz often so that it works at its best.

10. Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is considered to be a lucky charm, good luck talisman, and a stone of protection. It's highly effective to have on you when you're going through some changes in your life such as transitioning to a new career or moving house. Its protective energies will help you sail through life events, dispelling negative thoughts and energy, so you can take on changes and challenges with positivity.

As a good luck charm, tiger eye is known to protect from the evil eye and also bring good luck and turn things around for you, if things haven't been going so well in your life. It's also helpful to protect against people who have been hating on you or energy vampires who feed off your energy.

11. Amethyst

An all-purpose stone, amethyst is also an excellent protector due to its high vibrational energies, which help to ward off psychic attacks and help you drive out anger, fear, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness.

When you're feeling weak and vulnerable, amethyst helps to protect and secure your aura, safeguarding you from psychic threats in a loving and gentle way. A stone of higher consciousness, amethyst will make you more spiritually aware, but also protect you physically and emotionally by shielding your body's energy field or aura.

12. Red Jasper

Red Jasper protects and also provides gentle stimulation at the same time, so as it clears negative energy it also provides stability to the aura. It is very effective against neutralizing EMF radiation, so is an excellent stone to have on your office desk by your computer.

Red Jasper is also known to be used in what is called "defensive magic," where negative energy can be sent back to the person who sent it.  Excellent for calming emotions and grounding energy, this deep red stone helps to detoxify and ground negativity back to the earth.

13. Fire Agate

Fire agate is a highly protective stone with powerful vibrations. It compels you to take action even in times of uncertainty, protecting you all the while and keeping you firmly grounded. It emanates calming protective energies which makes you feel secure, reducing your fear so you are not controlled by it.

The vibration of this stone resonates within you, creating a protective shield around the aura and giving you psychic protection. Fire agate also has the unique ability to return negative energy and ill wishes back to its original sender, while also making them spiritually aware of the hurt they are causing you.

14. Lapis Lazuli

A rich celestial blue stone with golden flecks of pyrite, lapis lazuli has been highly regarded for centuries. It has been the stone of choice for protection from the evil eye in the Orient. With the inclusion of pyrite, lapis has the unique ability to identify a psychic attack and rebound or mirror the energy back to its source.

A stone of the throat chakra, lapis helps to guard the person wearing the stone from negativity while giving them a voice to speak their mind and communicate and release stored emotions, bringing clarity and relief.

15. Amber

A rich tree resin, although amber is not a crystal, it has been adorned as jewelry for centuries and is a well-known talisman for good luck and protection. Believed to protect from the evil eye, ill wishes, poor fortune, and bad health, amber helps to repel negative energy and psychic attacks and protects against negativity while promoting healing.

It is excellent to wear for self-protection and self-confidence and can guard against unwanted thoughts and negative influences that can be destructive to the body, mind, and soul. It also shields from anxiety and overburdening negative emotions, lightening the load, till you feel a sense of calm and balance. It is also a good stone to wear while traveling.

Key Takeaways

  • Anger, ill intentions, emotional turmoil, jealousy, psychic attacks, and curses are different forms of negative energy that crystals can protect you from
  • Crystals for protection can help you to repel negative energy, block or cloak it or alter it so it does not harm you
  • Protection stones can also guard you against your own self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions which influence how you show up to the world
  • You can wear protection stones as jewelry, carry them on you or place them in your home, office, or car
  • Some protection stones are great for neutralizing harmful EMF radiation and improving sleep
  • Crystals can also protect you from psychic attacks - when someone consciously or unconsciously sends you negative vibes which can harm you
  • There are many types of crystals that vibrate at different frequencies and can help with protection and grounding, dispelling negativity, shielding your aura, guarding against energy vampires and more

How do you use your crystals for protection? Feel free to share your favorite protection stones with us.

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Siusan calendar_today

Great article! Very, very helpful!
Thank you 😊

Kel calendar_today

I’ve recently moved into an apartment. My upstairs neighbors are nice enough to me. They seem to be set off easily and argue (with some choice hostile words!) in away that makes its way into my space. I keep the bedroom doors open and was recently led to deflect the hostilities and psychic smog by topping the open doors with black obsidian. This brought a dense psychic shield and a surprising amount of immediate relief. I do clean the obsidian daily with tingshaws or crystal essences. Its unclear if frequent cleansing will slow down in the long run, but I’m sure grateful for the peace in my apartment.

Nancy calendar_today


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