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Top 21 Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Stress (And How to Use Them)

Top 21 Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Stress (And How to Use Them)

Feeling overwhelmed?

Firstly, let's just say it's okay to feel anxious and stressed sometimes. Not all stress is bad. Positive or "good stress" can bring optimism, drive, and motivation. Imagine the butterflies in your stomach you had when you got your first job. You may have been anxious, even scared, but this led to building your confidence, encouraged you to step out of your comfort zone, increased your productivity and enriched your life.

So yes, an optimal amount of stress is good to stay motivated and push yourself to go the extra mile, but too much or too little stress can be detrimental

Anxiety is actually just your body's natural reaction to stress. It may start out as a feeling of worry or apprehension, but if this feeling does not seem to go away or interferes with your daily life, and you feel you've reached a breaking point — it's time to seek help.

In this post, we'll discover why turning to crystals and healing stones can be an incredible way to ease unsettling thoughts, calm anxiety and relax the mind, and uncover 20+ healing crystals for anxiety and stress.

Table of Contents


Stress and Anxiety in the Modern World

Are you plagued by negative thoughts?

In today's fast-paced, ever-changing dynamic world, overwork, stress, fear and worry seep in slowly until you start feeling burned out and feel you've reached your boiling point. It can start small, without you even realizing it, with low levels of irritability, snapping at people, poor sleep patterns and bad eating habits. This can eventually affect you physically leading to headaches, insomnia, low energy levels and can lead to serious illnesses.

With stress comes anxiety, which is now a fast-spreading common problem across all ages. Described as a feeling that is "persistent, seemingly uncontrollable, and overwhelming," if you start avoiding daily activities, live with a constant feeling of dread, and perhaps get panic attacks, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Among the most widespread mental health crisis in the world, anxiety disorders affect over 40 million adults in the United States annually. That's close to 20% of the entire US population.

Unanswered stress and anxiety can hinder your personal and professional life, so it's important to seek help. Conventional prescription drugs may help control symptoms but typically come with adverse side effects, and don't usually address the root of the problem.

There are natural, drug-free ways that be used as an alternative or in conjunction with treatment, that can serve as amazing tools for healing and transformation. One of these incredible ways of healing inside out is by harnessing the power of crystals.

Using Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

Unlike anti-anxiety drugs, which are often a band-aid solution and only treats anxiety symptoms, crystals help to heal your mind, body, and spirit, nurturing you to dig deep to the root cause of your stress and anxiety.

Once you identify what's causing these deep-seated issues, you can do something about them.

Below we'll take a look at why you should use crystals for anxiety and stress.

Crystals bring clarity

Ever feel like your life is too cluttered?

It's like you have a constant mental overload and feel bombarded by everything around you. Apart from the demands of your work and family, this could partially be the effect of being constantly plugged into technology and what it demands of you.

In a world where most things are dictated by the media and social media, and celebrities become role models, you may feel you're immersed in a world that's fake where literally what you eat, breathe, listen to and sleep is a sham. Being bombarded by this day in and day out, and not being able to cope with this constant clutter by trying to "fit in" can lead to anxiousness.

Just like tidying a messy room makes your space more inviting where you can focus, relax and feel less stressed, clearing your thoughts of distractions and mental jargon can bring clarity and calm the mind, making it open to receiving inspiration and healing.

Consistently practicing meditation with crystals can help make sense of this clutter and prevent anxious and negative thoughts taking over, so you can truly focus on your life purpose and transform your life.

Benefits of crystal meditation

There are numerous studies proving the incredible benefits of meditation, the most universal of which being alleviating anxiety and stress, clearing the mind, promoting optimistic thinking and evoking a feeling of peace and calm.

The constant daily pressures of life and negative mental chatter can often lead to stress and anxiety. Meditating for even just a few minutes a day can radically change how you think, and handle all that is thrown at you.

By meditating with crystals, you take everyday meditation to another level. By touching a larger crystal or holding a smaller piece as you meditate, you can harness the positive vibrations of these amazing stones, open up your chakras for healing, and magnify your thoughts and intentions.

Crystals serve as a key to help you unlock the door to finding inner harmony. As you meditate with them, their relaxing frequencies help you to escape from the daily stressors of life, encouraging healing at many levels.

Practicing crystal meditation

Follow the steps below to start meditating with crystals:

1. Cleansing

Cleanse the area around you including the crystals you will use to meditate by smudging. Smudging involves burning palo santo, sage or incense and enveloping yourself and the crystals in the smoke for 30-40 seconds. This is excellent to clear negative energy from the area, the crystals, and your own energy field.

We recommend our premium 100% natural Incense Sticks to ward off bad energy, lull you into a deeper state of mediation, and fill your home with blessings!

2. Grounding

Grounding yourself before you begin can also be a great way to prepare you to be fully open to receiving the healing benefits of crystals. To ground yourself, place hematite, red jasper, or black tourmaline in each hand and visualize all of your disrupted energy syncing together bringing order and calmness. This process will make you feel relaxed, anchored, and ready to start your healing.

3. Meditating

Hold the stones you wish to meditate with, in your hands. Slowly slip into a peaceful state, close your eyes, and focus on the areas that need healing. Imagine a wave of positive energy flowing from the crystal into that area in your life, nourishing it and healing it. End with a prayer or word of thanks.

In time you will notice that crystal meditation truly helps with calming the nerves and relieving the uneasiness that comes with getting stressed and feeling anxious.

More ways to manage stress and anxiety with crystals

We already mentioned how meditation is one of the best ways to use healing crystals for anxiety and stress. However, there are many other ways to harness their healing properties to bring calm, peace, and stress and anxiety relief.

Here are a few other ways to manage anxiety and stress with crystals:

Carry on you: Small crystals like tumbled stones or worry (comfort stones), also known as palm stones are small, oval-shaped polished stones that can fit in your hand easily. They have a slight indent where you can place your thumb to feel and take comfort from the stone.

Place on the body: Crystals are great to place on the body, especially on the chakra points to open up the chakras, activate them, and do deep healing work. When certain chakras are blocked, emotions are trapped which can cause stress and anxiety. Using crystals to release blockages from the chakra points can greatly help you feel calm, relaxed, and balanced.

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Wear as jewelry: To gain the healing benefits of crystals day in and day out, one of the best things to do is to wear them as jewelry. Whether it's a gemstone bracelet or a healing pendant you can gain benefit from the positive vibrations of crystals helping you to release negative energy and stay calm and focused.

Add to your space: Place crystals on your bedside table, in your living room, under your pillow, near the entrance of your house, or on your desk depending on the properties of that stone and what you want to achieve with it in terms of dealing with stress. For example, if stress is causing you to stay up at night, lepidolite is an excellent stone to keep under your pillow to help with sleep issues.

Next, we'll cover some of the best healing stones and crystals for anxiety and stress.

Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Stress


Want to get past your anxiety? Each crystal is known to have its own unique healing properties. Some are great for protection and confidence, while others can bring abundance and success. Below we'll zone in on some crystals that are specifically excellent for alleviating anxiety and stress.

Since there are quite a few, we recommend experimenting with different ones to find the crystals that you resonate with and work the best for you:

1. Crystal Quartz

Called "The Master Healer," this is one stone you must have. Clear quartz can be used to heal issues from the past and present and can be used for all mind, body, spiritual and emotional work.

Many times anxiety stems from issues that have occurred in the past that keep playing on your mind. Crystal Quartz can be programmed to heal any issue from your past, so you can use it to work through your emotional baggage and connect with your higher consciousness.

2. Blue Lace Agate

Possibly one of the best crystals for anxiety and stress, blue lace agate is a lovely periwinkle colored stone with calming energies. Simply holding or meditating with this stone helps to calm the nerves due to its soothing vibrations.

This is a great stone to wear if you find yourself getting anxious every day. Being a throat chakra stone, blue lace agate helps with expressing yourself calmly, so you're not lashing out, which can happen if you get overly anxious or stressed.

Wear it as a bracelet or pendant, or carry it with you and hold it when you feel overwhelmed or a sense of uneasiness comes on. It will help you think and speak more rationally and stay calm.

3. Rose Quartz

The universal stone of unconditional love, rose quartz symbolizes love of all kinds and evokes vibrations of love, harmony, and compassion. Being able to love, and more importantly, self-love is critical to self-healing, as you start to put yourself first and deal with healing the issues causing your stress and anxiety. Rose quartz also helps in overcoming emotional issues and fear, which are often the root cause of anxiety.   A heart chakra stone, rose quartz enables you to forgive and let go, which can be very liberating, empowering you to move on.

Wear it as jewelry, hold it, or meditate with it to balance your emotions and bring calm when you're feeling anxious. This is also a great stone to place in your home or office to keep the surroundings peaceful and in harmony.

This Rose Quartz Puff Heart, carries a gentle energy of compassion and peace. It fits easily in a pocket and is perfect to hold for relaxation or anxiety relief. Use it to enhance meditation, aid in healing, strengthen the heart, and allow energy to flow through the heart chakra properly.

4. Carnelian

Negative thoughts weighing you down? Carnelian is a beautiful red-orange stone that can help with overcoming fear and alleviating feelings of depression.

When stress causes you to feel low, holding or meditating with carnelian can give you a boost of energy and enthusiasm to never give up and keep going, even if the going gets tough.

Wearing or carrying this stone will help you build confidence and keep you motivated and not get stuck, so you don't get overwhelmed or easily agitated, causing you to get anxious.

5. Black Tourmaline

When you're feeling overwhelmed with a sense of 'heaviness' and are plagued by worry and fear, black tourmaline is an excellent stone to dissipate 'heavy' energy and transform it into a light balancing vibration. Meditate with black tourmaline to dispel worry and fear. Hold a piece in each hand and visualize your fears, uncertainties and everything causing your stress and anxiety being drawn into the stone, and sucked out of you.

This is also an amazing stone to place in your surroundings as it helps in grounding, and creates a protective shield against negative vibrations and electromagnetic frequencies that can enter your energy field. It's an excellent stone for anxiety as it helps to absorb negative energies leaving you with positive healing energy.

6. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is an amazing stone for dealing with anxiety issues. It naturally contains traces of lithium, which has been used to treat anxiety, mood disorders, and depression issues for decades and is common in many anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and mood-stabilizing medications.

When things get chaotic around you and you feel stressed, carrying lepidolite, holding it or placing it on your forehead (third eye) is a great way to connect with the gentle and soft energies of this stone.

Holding a piece of lepidolite in each hand when anxiety strikes or you feel a panic attack coming on will bring a wave of calm to soothe the nerves. You can also place the stone under your pillow to help with sleep issues.

7. Citrine

Popularly known as the stone for prosperity and abundance, citrine is an excellent stone for uplifting your energy levels and replacing negative energy with positive vibrations. A stone of joy, citrine is called the "Merchant's Stone" as it can help attract prosperity by dissolving blockages related to finance.

If you're anxious about your finances and want to attract abundance, wear citrine as jewelry or carry it on you. In stressful times, citrine will help to boost energy levels by grounding negative energy and revitalizing the mind, helping you to get unstuck and get ahead.

8. Smoky Quartz

If you often dwell on troubling thoughts and incidents, or your mind is always 'busy,' smoky quartz can help calm it down with its powerful ability to calm, relax, and manage tension.

Carried by soldiers in battle, smoky quartz helps to overcome fear and face situations with courage. This aids in dealing with anxiety issues which are often rooted in fear, and need a boost of courage to be faced and dealt with.

Wear the stone as a bracelet, preferably touching the skin, to always stay focused, better endure problematic situations, and face life with courage.

9. Fluorite

A beautiful multi-colored stone, fluorite can relax you by simply looking at it. An excellent stone for balancing energies, fluorite helps you to focus and calms emotions so you can think clearly, putting you at ease in stressful situations.

Known as the "Rainbow Keeper," fluorite evokes feelings of peace, harmony, and balancing energy and is an excellent stone to use for meditation for anxiety and stress.

10. Shungite

Believed to be 2 billion years old, shungite is a powerful stone that is primarily found in Russia. It helps in clearing the mind and releasing negativity which may be detrimental to the body, such as feelings of stress, fear, and anxiety.

It is also known to shield and protect from EMF rays emitted by smartphones, laptops and digital devices and is great to carry on you or place on your work desk which can be a place engulfed with a cloud of stressful energy and vibrations.

11. Amethyst

An excellent all-purpose stone, amethyst resonates with the higher chakras, such as the crown and third eye chakra, bringing clarity in chaos and resolving confusion and clutter that can induce stress and anxiety. Amethyst helps combat issues that can cause mental stress and enables you to handle situations rationally and mindfully. Place it on your forehead to reduce tension headaches or gain control and feel calm, even when you're overworked.

Amethyst also helps to overcome feelings of sadness, dealing with obsessive behavior,  and can help with mood swings and insomnia, which can trigger anxious thoughts. If you're looking to deal with every situation in a calm, composed, and mindful way, wear amethyst jewelry or carry the stone on you.

12. Chrysocolla

Fear public speaking? Chrysocolla is an incredible stone to relieve emotions of fear, nervousness, and anxiety and can be your "security blanket" when faced with situations where you need to be in the limelight, such as delivering a speech, networking in a social setting, or giving a presentation. Carry it on you anytime you need to face a crowd.

The stone has soothing vibrations that work to calm the heart chakra and is great to have on you if your heartbeat increases when you get anxious and panicky.

Chrysocolla can also help in resolving situations where miscommunication can lead to arguments and misunderstandings. To avoid confrontation and articulate what you need to say confidently, this is the stone to have on hand.

13. Angelite

Emitting soothing energy, Angelite is a lovely blue stone that provides comforting vibrations making it great for relieving anxiety.

Known as the stone of guardian angels, Angelite is always there to remind you that there are angels watching over you, and no matter what, you are never alone. When you are reminded that you can connect with this celestial realm and have these supporting guides, your feelings of anxiousness and worry will melt away.

14. Lithium Quartz

Similar to lepidolite which contains lithium, lithium quartz which has "lithium" in its name, contains trace amounts of lithium, a mineral used in many mood-stabilizing and anti-depressant medications. When combined with crystal quartz, the natural stabilizing properties of lithium are magnified.

A gentle healing stone with powerful metaphysical properties, meditate with lithium quartz to help release stress and bring emotional balance. It gently aids in moving subdued emotions such as grief and anger to the surface so you can recognize them and heal from the inside. This realization is excellent for resolving anxiety issues, sleeplessness, and panic attacks.

15. Aquamarine

Do you have racing thoughts? Whether its anger, worry, or thoughts that make you anxious and get your heart rate up aquamarine may be just the stone you need to stop this kind of "overthinking," and give yourself a chill pill. Associated with the calming element water, this pale blue stone is filled with soothing, flowing vibrations, which work to calm fears or upsetting thoughts that can lead to anxiety.

Brimming with cooling energy, aquamarine might just be what you need to calm and restore peace of mind and find emotional balance. Consider wearing it over the throat chakra as a pendant to allow freedom of expression, or hold it in your hand to slow down your thoughts and calm your mind when feeling anxious.

16. Sodalite

Known as "The Stone of Peace," sodalite emits a calming, comforting vibration that combats nervousness which can cause you to get emotional or overly wound up. It can help to calm the mind and alleviate panic attacks.

If you have trouble articulating yourself so others understand what you mean, this is a great stone for calming anxious energy and expressing yourself by sharing your ideas and viewpoints with others.

17. Hematite

When you want to eliminate feelings of worry and stress, hematite is the perfect stone to help to ground you and bring you closer to the Earth's natural vibrational frequencies. As you feel more centered and more in tune with your own energies, this will help you feel more balanced and less anxious.

Hematite also helps you to find your inner strength, necessary for fighting worrying thoughts and negative emotions. Hematite is excellent to use for grounding before starting a healing crystal meditation routine.

18. Jet

When you need powerful protection from negative energies and emotions, turn to jet stones. Jet stones are composed of fossilized driftwood that has formed under extreme pressure.

These jet black stones can help release different kinds of negative emotions including fear, stress, anguish, anger, and anxiety. For those feeling any or a mix of these emotions jet stones can calm and dispel worrying thoughts and are excellent at dispelling negativity.

19. Turquoise

If you love the color turquoise, you're going to love the stone. Turquoise is a calming blue-green stone that can balance energies and help to reduce your stress and worries. Excellent for calming, turquoise can help stabilize your emotions and may even prevent an oncoming panic attack, or aid you in recovering from one quicker. Carrying or wearing turquoise brings protection and evokes vibrations that allow you to be grounded and centered.

Turquoise is also a strengthening stone and will help you to rise above your fear, sadness, and pain and assist in deep healing of the mind, body, and soul.

20. Blue Calcite

Blue calcite is a soothing stone that helps to reduce anxiety and restore energy levels. Wear it as a pendant to aid in enhanced communication so that you can articulate yourself better and prevent confrontations.

It's also a great stone to carry with you when you get stuck and need help releasing your emotions. This is especially important to relieve anxiety because piled up emotions that keep brewing inside can eventually result in a panic attack.

Blue calcite also helps to open your mind to new ways of thinking and see things from a fresh perspective so you're not trapped with the same archaic thought patterns which take you nowhere. A stone of relaxation, blue calcite helps you to rest and calm your mind so you can recover and get back in the game.

21. Peridot

Having a hard time accepting the truth and coming to terms with reality? This can cause feelings of worry and stress and hurt you emotionally. Peridot is a beautiful olive green stone that can help you overcome difficult situations and accept life as it comes. This acceptance can be quite liberating, allowing anxious thoughts to fall away.

Peridot also helps to dissolve nervous tension and invite relaxing vibrations in its place. Placing peridot over the heart chakra or wearing the stone as jewelry can draw out and dispel negative emotions, opening your body and soul to feel love, filling it with positive energy.

How to Choose Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

There are many different stones for stress and anxiety, and just like each person is different, everyone will relate to each stone differently. It's best to trust your 'gut' or your intuition when deciding which crystal you want to use.

Notice what you're drawn to, and learn more about the properties of each crystal to decide which one may help you the best.

We recommend reading The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, which is an "easy-to-follow directory that includes photographic identification, detailed descriptions, and information on the individual properties of each crystal--including the spiritual, mental and psychological, emotional and physical effects, plus its use in healing. It's an indispensable reference for crystal lovers everywhere."

Initially, you can experiment with a few different crystals and work with them, concentrating on the issues you want to resolve that is causing you to be stressed and anxious. With time you'll be able to narrow down on your favorites.

Key Takeaways

    • Stress is good to get things done - but too much or too little stress can be detrimental
    • With stress comes anxiety. Today anxiety disorders affect close to 20% of the entire US population
    • Crystals can help heal your body, mind, and spirit and dig deep to address the root cause of the issues causing your stress
    • Meditating with crystals, even for a few minutes each day, encourages healing at many levels
    • You can also use crystals for anxiety by carrying them, wearing crystal jewelry, placing them in your surroundings or harnessing their energy to cleanse open and activate the chakras
    • There are a variety of different crystals that can help you fight stress and anxiety
    • Pick a stone that you're drawn to and discover its healing properties to learn how it can help you control your stress and anxiety

      Please note that this post is not intended for use as medical advice.

      Did we miss a healing crystal for anxiety and stress that you love? Please share in the comments below!

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